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is a resource for finding doctors, hospitals, therapists, products, activities and more for families who are raising special needs children in and around central Oklahoma.

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Why Special Help?

Special Help Online Support for Parents

Families who are raising children with various special needs require a tremendous amount of outside resources.  This website is dedicated to putting as many different kinds of resources into the hands of the families who so desperately need it.

Whether your child was born with a disability, was injured or developed problems over time, that child is faced with special needs that are out of the norm.  Sometimes finding the help that you require is almost as hard as caring for your child.

Many times it is not even apparent as to what type of specialist or provider that you might need.  Support groups, speech therapists, occupational therapists, pediatric psychiatrists, behavioral hospitals, legal aid, service dogs, financial assistance, churches, counseling, dentists, camp, activities, etc.  The list is almost endless.  Your special needs child has all of the same requirements as every other child plus so many more.

It should not be such a challenge to find the help that you need.  In the Directory of this site, there are over 30 categories and hundreds of individual providers with specialized offerings that will make your job just a bit easier.

You will also find articles that are designed to provide basic information in several areas that many families raising special needs kids have in common.  Check out the Special Tips tab at the top of this page.

You can help, too.  If you know of, or are, a resource for special needs kids that has been left out of this directory, PLEASE e-mail me and tell me about it.

Quest Office


Quest MHSA, LLC is a multi-service provider of behavioral and mental health related issues.  They provide counseling, therapy, rehab, social skills and more to individuals aged 4 and up. 

Quest is one of the very few companies in Oklahoma who will provide all of these services in your home, at the park, or another location of your choosing. 

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Directory Categories

Special Ramblings

The Weird Kid

Ever been around a weird kid? In the mall, at the public pool, the playground, the grocery store? They are out there you know. Ready to accost you with their ramblings about video games and TV shows. To follow your kids around without speaking up about what they want or, just as scary, talking to your kids like they have been best friends for years. A good glare from you ought to be enough to send these kids on their way, but somehow they don't understand your scornful expression! Read More